How to Change the Waste Toner on a Sharp Photocopier

As your printer is in use, used toner builds up in the waste toner cartridge. Eventually, you will need to change the waste toner cartridge.

How to know when to change the waste toner cartridge

Your Sharp photocopier will prompt you when the waste toner bottle is close to being full and that you’ll soon need to change the waste toner. You can also check the waste toner level on the control panel of your photocopier.

How to change the waste toner cartridge

Step 1

Open the front cover on your Sharp device. The waste toner cartridge is the black box immediately in front of you, underneath the toner cartridges.

Step 2

Press in the two lime green buttons on each side, and the waste toner cartridge will pop out. On some older Sharp models you will have a green slider in order to release the waste toner cartridge.

Step 3

Take care when removing the cartridge as there are open toner ports across the top. The best practice is to immediately place the used cartridge in a bag and seal it. That way if the cartridge is shaken or dropped you won’t get toner everywhere.

Step 4

To fit the new waste toner cartridge, simply line up the hinge points on the new cartridge with the corresponding points on the photocopier and press down until it clicks into place.

Step 5

Close the front cover of your photocopier and you’re done!

Video Guide

Tips for changing the waste toner cartridge

  • Make sure you have a new waste toner cartridge before you start.
  • Be careful when removing the old waste toner cartridge, as there is toner inside.
  • Dispose of the old waste toner cartridge properly.
  • Clean up any spills immediately.


If you have any problems changing the waste toner cartridge, please contact Print Logic Midlands for guidance.

Benefits of changing the waste toner cartridge regularly

  • Improved print quality
  • Longer lifespan of your photocopier
  • Reduced risk of paper jams
  • Reduced risk of toner spills
  • Reduced environmental impact

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